Dartmoor Beef Meat Box

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We sell our beef in mixed boxes of 1/8th of the animal. This ensures that every customer gets a range of cuts that represents the full spectrum of flavours and culinary experiences available from our fine beef animals.

Remember, animals vary in size but typically 1/8th will weigh around 20kg and be made up of around 26 vacuum packs comprising something like the following:-

1. Steaks Sirloin (1.2kg), Fillet (0.4kg) and Rump (1.1kg) 6 packs in total.
2. Roasting Joints. Rib of Beef (2.5kg), Topside (5kg), Briskets (1.5kg) 5 packs in total
3. Stewing and Slow Cooking:- Beef Skirt (0.5kg), Shin of Beef (0.6kg) and Chuck Steak (2.0kg) 6 packs
4. Prime minced beef. (6.5kg) 9 packs

Beef Sales for Autumn 2019 will be around £11 per kilo. We are happy to deliver personally locally for a very small charge and welcome customers picking up their order. Just let us know what your preference is. For those customers further afield we will agree courier details and costs directly with you.